Welcome to Moon & Stars Apothecary. My name is Kate. I specialize in making cold process vegan soap, and I make other bath and body products. All my products are: vegan, palm-free, phtalate and paraben free. I make both naturally colored, essential oil soaps, and mica colored fragrance oil soaps. You can visit my Etsy store here. I do releases throughout the year, you can follow me on Instagram to be up to date, and to see what I’m making.

My love affair with soap making began years ago when I read one of my favorite books, Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. In her beautifully written story, there were two witchy aunts that made a special black soap that was popular. As soon as I read that I wanted to A) use their soap B) learn to make my own.

Shortly after that I lived in a cute little apartment in a little town. Every Saturday, a farmer’s market was held in the parking lot behind my apartment. Each week I would walk out my backdoor and do my shopping for the week.. I encountered a soap maker, that resembled the aunts in that well loved book. I cherished the fragrant and beautiful slices of soap that she tucked in gift wrap for me each week. They were superior to anything I had ever encountered in the store.Eventually, I moved and stopped going to the market. I taught myself to make soap with a pile of books, watching tutorials, and learning as I went.  My new hobby began to fill my home. I decided to start selling it. I occasionally do local vendor events, sell online, and barter with other makers.